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Voting rights of Members:

All Full Members have voting rights excluding International Members. Standard Members do not have registration rights.


Reimbursement of Expenses will be paid to all Boer Goat Australia administrators for items directly related to the running costs of Boer Goat Australia.

Sending out flyers or sale info:

There will be no charge to members who request a electronic mail-out of stud flyers/catalogues etc. to all BGA members. 

Payment of Fees:

A tax invoice /receipt will be issued to members for any payments made to the association for membership fees and goat registration fees.

Cancellation of Membership:

If it is found that details provided on the registration certificate are falsified or if the owner/breeder of a goat has failed to pay within 60 days any due registration fee/membership fee the breeders membership will be cancelled.

Association Definitions:

‘Association’ shall mean Boer Goat Australia or ‘BGA’.

‘Breeder’ means the owner of a goat at the time of conception.

‘Sire’ means the genetic father of the kid/kids.

‘Dam’ means the genetic mother of the kid/kids.

‘Embryo’ means the fertilised egg of a goat.

‘Fullblood’ means a goat with 100% Boer Goat genetics traceable back to South African Imported stock/embryos.

‘Graded Purebred’ (5th Cross or GP) means a goat with 5 generations of FullBlood Sires

‘Graded Crossbreds’ upgrading terms will start at ‘G1’ to ‘G4’.

‘The Australian Red Boer Goat’ is a goat that may contain genetics from Standard or Red Boer breeds, body colour must be red.

‘Imported’ means a live goat or embryo imported into Australia from an overseas origin.

‘Herd Register’ means the recorded information of all Boer Goats/Boer Crosses belonging to the association.

‘Registered’ is a goat whose genetic bloodlines have been recorded on the ‘BGBAA’ and/or’ ‘BGA’ database.

‘Registrar’ is the person who will operate the ‘BGA’ Goat register.

‘Regulation’ means a rule imposed by the association.