*Please read the following before completion of Boer Goat Australia’s membership application.

All members at the time of joining must agree to abide by this Associations Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations.


Members will always strive to improve the Boer goat breed.
Members should always breed, raise and maintain their animals according to current animal welfare standards.
Members are asked to endeavor to increase the awareness of the Boer Goat breed, and its role in the commercial goat meat industry.
Members should always maintain integrity, and at all times observe a professional conduct when in the public eye and participating at any activities when representing the association.
Members are asked to declare any conflict of interest and disqualify themselves from any activity or process where that conflict may impact the association.
Those official office bearers of the association are in a position of trust and will not abuse that trust, they will always observe good and fair business principles when acting on behalf of the association.
Members to strictly observe all statutory obligations, rules and regulations associated with your membership.