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The Admins have been busy at work to create a hard copy Breed Standard Booklet for every member. This booklet is a guide for all breeders big, small, stud & commercial to strive to breed quality, correct Boer Goats.  The structure of the Boer Goat was carefully developed in South Africa to produce the best meat goat in the world. Structure = Meat, Temperament = easy handling, so just as important to the Commercial enterprise as the Stud industry. Each piece of the breed standard has an importance eg. Pigmentation to prevent skin cancer, correct teats for mothering ability, leg structure to enable them to walk in search of feed over large areas. As BGA has previously used the South African Standard, this book with a few alterations to better suit Australia has been approved by the current South African Board. I thank them for their assistance in developing the booklet.

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