Results of 2016 Online Show

Results of our first and Australia’s first online goat show, numbers were a little disappointing, but hopefully comments provided by our judge the well respected Carole Axton of Cadenza Boers in Victoria, will help those new to breeding to understand a little more of what is required when breeding stud grade Boer Goats.
We appreciated very much Carole’s acceptance to judge our show.

bulrush (2)dandelion (3)safflower (2)

1st. Suncroft Bulrush                      2nd. Suncroft Dandelion                   3rd. Suncroft Safflower

bluebell (2)
4th. Suncroft Bluebell
Judges Comments:
1st. Bulrush: A lovely balanced kid with excellent top line, however just dropping off a little sharply from top of rump. Again excellent bone throughout and very correct legs with strong pasterns. Neck attaches nicely to chest and well filled behind the elbow. Nice strong head but also feminine. Could be just a little finer under chin area. Brown tail is acceptable as long as it does not extend more than 2.5cm on the body. I think this is o.k. in this doe.
2nd. Dandelion: A very nice feminine kid with good length, bone, and legs. Quite good top line but drops off a little sharply from top of rump and is a little short there. She is lacking a little width through the chest. Head and neck are feminine. She lacks some muscle development on hindquarters. Just a little underdeveloped at this stage.
3rd. Safflower: Attractive young doe but not quite as balanced as she might be. Very nice bone and legs, however the front legs appear set a little too far back. Top line is a little uneven but good length of body. Drops off a little from top of rump but good length there. Nice width of chest and appears to have good spring of rib.
4th. Bluebell: Well grown kid with outstanding bone and legs. In her sideways photo, Bluebell is not balanced and appears to be lacking body depth behind the girth area. She is suitably deep through the rest of her body. While wedging is important in a doe, this is rarely seen in a young kid of this age. However I also think the photographer may not have caught Bluebell at her best and she may be much more balanced than the picture shows “in the flesh”. Nice feminine head and neck.


ladyleisellollypop (5)

1st. Saanboer Lady Luck                         2nd. Saanboer Leisel                            3rd. Saanboer Lollypop
Judges Comments:
1st. Lady: A very nice balanced, correct young doe with excellent legs and length of body for her age. Really excellent topline with nice length of rump and well-fitting shoulder. While she may look a little shallow in the body the ratio of leg to body is suitable for her age. Nice length of neck and good width across forehead and kind eye. Head could be just a little more feminine e.g. some thickness under throat and just a little flat in the head. Overall a lovely young doe.
2nd. Leisel Attractive strong meaty doe kid with good meat in hindquarters. Excellent legs and nice head and strong jaw showing strength throughout. Not quite balanced overall as rump is higher than shoulders and topline not as correct as others. Just a little short in the body and neck does not fit as nicely to shoulder as is ideal.
3rd. Lollypop. Nice young doe with nice topline and exceptional muscling in hindquarters for a young doe. Good legs. Little hollow behind the elbow. Nice length of neck but not quite as feminine in head attachment and horns appear a little wide.
4th. Lulu. Good strong breeding kid with good body depth. Excellent topline however her rump could be a little longer and straighter. She is just a little hollow behind the elbow. Excellent bone thoughout and very correct legs. At this age her head shows great strength but is just not quite as feminine as is ideal.
Overall a very competitive line-up of does and very nice group for ongoing breeding of excellent type of Boer goats. Well done breeders!

lulu (4)

4th. Saanboer LuLu


kismet (3)

!st. Saanboer Kismet (only entrant)
Judges Comments:
1st. Kismet: This is a very feminine doe with exceptional length of body and rump. Lovely neck attachment to shoulders and leading to a very feminine head that could have a just a little more ennoblement. Good strong bone and correct legs. Lacking a little muscle development over rump and hindquarters.
Overall a very nice feminine breeding doe.
First place and deservedly so.


hannah (2)halle (3)jolene (2)

1st. Saanboer Halle Rose                         2nd. Saanboer Hannah                                  3rd. Saanboer Jolene

bella (2)amyashaka

Unplaced: Suncroft Bella                                  Suncroft Amy                                            Suncroft Ashaka
Judges Comments:
1st. Halle: Very lovely doe with excellent length of body and rump. Top-line could be just a little straighter. Excellent wedging for a mature doe and lovely chest to neck attachment. Lovely feminine head with soft eye and good horn set. Good legs. Just lacking a little muscle development in hindquarters.
2nd. Hannah. Very nice doe with good top-line and rump. While neck fits well to chest, the line of wedge from front to rear could be smoother. Feminine head with strong well set jaw and good horns. Excellent bone and good legs. A little more muscling on hindquarters would add substance to her.
3rd. Jolene: Very substantial breeding doe with excellent capacity. Good top-line. Very good muscle development on the hindquarters and shoulder. Neck attaches to chest well but is a little thick leading into the throat. Head could be just a little more feminine with finer features and more ennoblement. Minor colour faults where colour should not proceed past line of chest and colour patch near udder may be more than allowed.
Unplaced – Amy: Just a little hard to tell from the photo as Amy is a little more interested in her handsome man than the camera. From what we can see: Amy is quite a substantial doe with correct legs and feet. She has a good backline though it appears she may have a little too much slope in her rump. She has excellent muscling on her hindquarters with a tendency to be post legged with softer pasterns. Good wedging for a doe may be slightly belted in the girth. Head is good but with horns set rather straight.
Ashaka: A strong breeding doe with good top-line leading into a little too much slope in the rump. Very good muscling on the lower hindquarter. Nice chest not quite set at smooth angle into neck. More evidence of wedging of body would improve overall balance. Good mature head with horn set rather high.
Bella: Strong mature breeding doe with deep body and good top-line dropping a little sharply on the rump. Body a little short and a little hollow behind elbow, but with very good capacity. Front pasterns may be just a little soft but legs strong and with good bone. Good mature doe head lacking just a little ennoblement.


first foray (3)

1st. Suncroft First Foray (only entrant)
Judges Comments:
1st. FIRST FORAY: Very correct buck with strong bone, legs and feet. Nice top-line and length. Good masculine head but without significant secondary buck attribute development, e.g. ennoblement, wrinkles, beard etc. Good pigmentation. Well shaped testicles. Would like him to be wider across hips and stand wider, and a little more muscle development on his hindquarters. Nice muscle development on shoulder and on top of leg. Really lovely buck side on but appears to be lacking width for his age.


Lucky (3)Louie

1st. Saanboer I Got Lucky                              2nd. Saanboer Sir Louie
Judges Comments:
1st. LUCKY. Another buck with excellent bone and leg development. Nice top line with particularly good angle from hip to pin although could be a little longer here. Good muscle development generally, although would like a little more above back legs. Strong head with a kind eye, but still to develop secondary buck characteristics. Horns may be just a little too wide.
2nd. LOUIE: Good strong legs and feet. Nice length of rump but top line a little uneven. Good depth of body that could be a little longer. Shows good muscle development all over, but specially in hindquarters. Good width behind and good shaped testicles. Head is lacking a little ennoblement that may develop with maturity.


Barooka Cicero

1st. Barooka Cicero (Only entry)

Judges Comments:
1st. Tugger: (Barooka Cicero) Young buck that is still developing. Overall quite well balanced with a good top line but a little too much slope from top of rump to tail. Very good muscle development in hindquarters and this is made clearer from the rear view where Tugger has extremely good width across the hips. He also stands very square on with good testicles. While the hindquarters are showing muscle development, this is not as obvious in shoulder and neck where he is lacking some strong muscle. A little softness in pasterns. His head appears to be masculine with good horn shape and secondary buck characteristics are present.


luther (3)

1st. Terraweena Luther (Only entry)
Judges Comments:
1st. Luther: Obviously a full working buck. This is a very nice type of buck with good balance and good top line, but in this photo he appears to be a little short from top of the rump to tail and from hip to pin. This does not give him a large frame to attach significant muscle so he appears a little hollow below the tail area and muscle is rather narrow above the hock. However in his front he has significant muscle on his fore arm, shoulder and neck and is really very impressive. He has well developed secondary buck characteristics with nice wide head and flow of horns and good degree of ennoblement. Excellent legs and feet. A very nice buck in his working clothes.