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Commerciaal Boer Goats

Meat goats are minimal care animals that are browsers by nature, preferring brush, shrubs, and broadleaf weeds rather than grass. Boer goats raised on pastures with minimal access to browse will require monitoring for internal parasites. Goats being naturally browsers can make use of farm areas where cattle & sheep may not be suited.

Boer goats can be raised effectively in combination with cattle or sheep due to their preference for browse and the resulting limited impact on the grass cover, we do suggest if grazing with sheep that you monitor faecal worm counts more often and drench appropriately to keep internal parasites under control.

Trace minerals, especially Copper, Selenium and Iodine are particularly important to good goat health. Copper deficiency is known to cause anaemia, diarrhoea, infertility, spontaneous abortions, and lethargy.

It is recommended and best practice to use a Fullblood Boer buck as a sire in a commercial herd, as they will improve the meat capabilities of any offspring, they grow bigger and will in most cases bring better prices.

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