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Boer Goat Show
Boer Goat Show

Although Boer goats raised specifically for show purposes may seem to have little in common with pastured commercial goats, the difference is superficial.

Benefits to Showing

  • Networking - Meet fellow Boer Goat Breeders & Enthusiasts.

  • Marketing - Create your "Brand" become known amongst the Livestock Community.

  • Education - Learn from fellow Breeders & Judges.

  • Compare & ImproveReceive feedback & see where your animals stand against other Breeders.

Boer Goat Show
Boer Goat Show

Show goats are bred to meet specific visual appearances, these very characteristics are valuable genes to add to the commercial herd, their value to commercial breeders lies in the improvement their unique genes can offer any breed of goats being raised for meat.

The main purpose of the Show quality animal should be for marketing to the commercial Meat Goat industry, it is also a method of recognizing the best of the best, although some really superior goats are not shown due to owner preference. Bucks and Does alike that have been bred for showing can be and are often used for the upgrading of commercial breeding stock.

Boer Goat Show

Few producers can afford to maintain a herd of essentially feral or crossbred animals without the addition to the herd of a quality Fullblood Boer Buck, show goats are bred to represent the most desirable characteristics of the Boer goat.

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