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Commercial Boer Goats

Fullblood bucks are preferred for breeding purposes, it is common practice to use crossbreed does for kid production, the breeds most commonly used are Feral, Boer cross, Cashmere, Angora or Dairy goats.

Crossbred Boer goats are very common in commercial meat herds, and with those just starting out in the Boer goat business due to ease of acquisition and affordability, but many producers still prefer Fullblood bucks and does, intentional crossbreeding is far from universal.

Note: The ‘G’ term is used to refer to a graded goat from G1 to GP being a Graded Pure Bred.

G1 : Progeny of Fullblood Buck sire/ any breed Doe
G2 : Progeny of Fullblood buck sire/ G1 Doe
G3 : Progeny of Fullblood buck sire/ G2 Doe
G4 : Progeny of Fullblood buck sire/ G3 Doe

G5 : Progeny of Fullblood buck sire/ G4 Doe
G 6 : Graded Purebred: Progeny of Fullblood Buck sire over a G5 Doe

To be eligible for the Upgrade Register a Registered Fullblood Buck (Standard or Red) must be used

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