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For Sale :



Due to a change of circumstance, we have 13 mixed age Boer goats for sale. Happy to sell as one whole starter herd, can be split into two or sold individually (prices will vary by animal and pedigree and will be plus GST). Both bucks perform well and throw good offspring.

• 1x 2021 Fullblood Buck by Yarrabee Stud - BGA registered$2500
• 1x 2018 Fullblood Buck by Terramac Stud - BGA registered$750
• 1x 2015 Fullblood Doe - BGA registered$600
• 1x 2014 Fullblood Doe - BGA registered$500
• 2x 2021 G1 Does$300 each
• 1x 2022 G1 Doe $300
• 3x 2023 Fullblood Does - BGA registered $750 each
• 1x 2023 G1 Doe (red)$250
• 1x 2023 G1 Doe$300
Prices are negotiable for serious buyers

All fullblood goats are registered with BGA. G1 and G2 goats can be registered on request.

These goats are bred from worm resistant bloodlines. Are all up to date with vaccinations and worming.

Very quiet and used to regular handling - are good to drench, vax, hoof trim etc and don’t challenge fences.

Boer goats | Livestock | Gumtree Australia Caboolture Area - Caboolture | 1321071179

Buyer must have a registered PIC number. Can deliver locally.Located Caboolture, Qld.


Glenelg Boer Goats

Lalalty, NSW.

(Southern Riverina)


Major herd reduction of Registered fullblood standard Boer does, aged 2,3,4 years old.

 All proven breeders. 5-8 generations of Glenelg bloodlines.

Pasture raised, large framed does with good mothering abilities. No supplementary feeding apart from hay or silage so they know how to forage. Fully vaccinated and ready to join. PM for all enquiries. (PIC ND341398)



Susan & Geoff Styles

Barooga, N.S.W.

Ph: 03 58763213

Boer Goats commercial.jpg

Details of Blue tag replacement Doe’s

Number 100  - Eid tagged -Born Mid June to Mid August.-Current live weight 26 to 35 Kg

Selection Criteria

No teat fault either two teats or very separate even sized 4 teats.

Black or dark skin under tail. No visible body faults ie bent ears under or over shot jaws.

High cross 4th back cross or better. Fullblood bucks over commercial Boer Doe’s

About to be drenched for the first time. Paddock reared no supplemental feeding, grass fed. Available now.

This is the Quality that we select for our own breeding program.

Photos taken in paddock.


Contact details 0897361140 home phone.

Mobile. 0498 706 637




Top Quality, Top Genetics

Bucks & Does available.

Limited number of Red Bucks

Fullblood BGA Registered (or eligible for registration)

Flock quality bucks & Does from $600 +GST

Stud quality Bucks & Does from $1500 + GST

Mature & young Stud Does potentially in kid to this years Champion bucks from $2000 +gst

Mature Stud bucks previously used in our Stud from $2000 + gst.

No time to complete an individual catalogue.

Let me know your needs & arrange a visit to the sunny (freezing) Southern Highlands & inspect the stock.

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4x registered fullblood Boer does available. 2x weaner does (March 2023), 1x yearling doe (May 2022) and 1x mature doe (Sep 2015). Priced from $770 inc. gst. Located Maleny QLD. QKCU0217. Only for sale as we need to reduce numbers. Phone Vanessa on 0438 873 888 or email

Maleny High Freya (Mar 2023). Single. Teats: 11. Dam: Terramac Gidget (MacGregors Matterhorn). Sire: Mugambi Samson II (Mugambi Cochise).

Maleny High Felicia (Mar 2023). Triplet. Teats: 11. Dam: Terramac Windchime (Terraweena Cormac). Sire: Mugambi Samson II (Mugambi Cochise).

Maleny High Emerald (May 2022). Twin. Teats: 11. Dam: Terramac Gidget (MacGregors Matterhorn). Sire: Mugambi Samson II (Mugambi Cochise).

Terrmac Gidget (Sep 2015). Triplet. Teats: 21. Dam: Terraweena Kim. Sire: MacGregors Matterhorn. One of our studs foundation does. Kidding history: Twins June 2018, single Sept 2019, Single May 2020, Twins Aug 2021, Twins May 2022, Single Mar 2023. Has a perfect udder, very fertile and never had a kidding issue. We have retained many of her daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters.



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