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Membership Database

The new membership form will input your member details directly into the database; your email address will be verified by sending your new membership an email with a onetime password. As soon as you login you will have to input a new password.


Administration will be notified of the new member details including stud prefix for checking against other associations. The database will check the new prefix against existing BGA prefixes and notify the administration if there is a conflict.

The database will automatically calculate the membership fee of new members by the remaining months in the financial year e.g., if the new member joins in August they will be charge 11 twelves of the current membership fee.


Each member will be able to have more than one stud prefix. Each new prefix will be invoiced to the member for payment.


Database will automatically send out renewal notifications via email. Members will be able to renew membership online.

Existing members will be charged full membership fee regardless of when they renew.


Registration Database

New registration numbers will be generated from members stud prefix, selection from drop down boxes for ‘Registration Type’ and ‘Breed’ plus input to ‘Goat Registration Number’.


When choosing ‘Colour’, if Paint is selected a new dropdown box will appear for percentages from 10 to 90 in increments of 10.


Birth type will be a dropdown box where ‘Single, Twin, Triplet, Quad & Other’ can be selected. If ‘Other’ is selected a blank box will appear where higher birth numbers can be entered, if applicable.


Where member owns both sire and dam, they can select from the animals from their stud list.

Transaction will be processed without notifying administration. If either the buck or doe selected is not owned by the member, the system will activate a ‘File Upload’ box. The member must attach a lease document to the transaction. The administration will be notified to review the transaction.


If the ‘Joining Type’ is AI or ET a ‘File Upload’ box is generated. To ensure the transaction goes through, an invoice of purchase of semen or embryos and a veterinarian certificate, if applicable, should be uploaded. The administration will be notified to review the transaction.

For a transfer from a BGA member to a BGA member, the current owner can select the animal and then transfer to the BGA member purchasing the animal. The current owner can then select who will pay the transfer fee, either the seller or the purchaser. The transfer invoice is then sent to the nominated member. An email will be sent to the purchaser, who has 30 days to accept the transfer. Once the purchaser accepts the transfer, the animal will show on their herd list. The previous owner will no longer be able to see the animal on their stud listing or print the registration certificate.

For a transfer from another breed society to a BGA member, the BGA member registers the new animal’s details and attaches a copy of the registration certificate and invoice. The administration will be notified to review the transaction.

Registration certificates will be able to be generated as a pdf file by members for the animals they own ONLY. The pdf file will be printable. Each certificate will have a unique number that, when googled, will go the animal’s pedigree (NOT the registration certificate). Registration certificates will not be accessible to non-owners or the public.

Members will be able to upload photos and videos of animals they own. The photos and videos will be accessible to the public.


Members can mark their own animals ‘Inactive’, ‘Sold’, ‘Exported’ or ‘Dead’. The animal can only be returned to ‘Active’ by administration.

A Classification level can be activated if required. The classification would have to added to the registration certificate by administration ONLY.


A DNA information upload feature can be activated if required.


The Search function will search for Name, Registration Number, Current Owner, Birth Year, Colour, Registration Type, Sire Name, Dam Name, plus 3 dropdown boxes with ‘Select if’ criteria. Search function also uses wild cards.


Search result can be sorted by column headings and is exportable as an excel document.



For all transaction, membership and registration, an invoice will be generated and sent to the member’s email.


Non email Members

Members without an email can have a paper invoice sent to them at a cost.



Payments can be made with a credit card via the online payment platform or by direct debit into a bank account. Direct debit information will be on the invoice. No membership or registration transaction will be considered complete until the payment has been processed. 

Backup & Optimization

The database has scheduled backups that will occur every 5-10 minutes. The database has a scheduled performance optimization (for speed and reliability) twice a week with an approximate duration of 2 minutes. A database integrity check (checking for corruption) is scheduled for once a week with an approximate duration of 5 minutes.

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