Model Rules apply as per the CAV Model Rules for Associations.

Indemnity Clause:

The ‘BGA’ Administration will not be held responsible for any incorrect information supplied by members. The ‘BGA” will not be liable for any injuries incurred by its members or the public attending ‘BGA’ events.


Membership term is set as per the financial year 1st. July to 30th June.

New memberships will be price adjusted depending on month of joining. Then will be due July each following year.

New members can apply  for membership of the BGA by:

Online – Complete all details as required on the Membership Application form together with preferred payment method and submit. Payment is via direct deposit (note: Junior membership applications must provide a document with proof of age, i.e., birth certificate). Please note payment must be made within 5 days of submitting your online application for membership.

New member applications will be sent for approval by the Board, Stud Name & Preferred Prefix checked & approved & Stud number allocated.

Membership Levels & Fees:

Full Stud Membership

Initial joining fee is $150 for a full 12 months (Seasonally adjusted), includes Stud name and Stud Prefix code registration, then $99 annually July each year.

 Full Stud Membership can register or transfer goat registrations.

Standard Membership

$70.00 (annually) Member cannot register or transfer goat registrations

Junior/School Stud Membership

$120 at joining include stud name and stud prefix code registration, then $70.00 annually. Can register & transfer goats.


Payment of Fees:

An invoice /receipt will be issued to members for any payments made to the association for membership fees and goat registration fees.

Cancellation of Membership:

If it is found that details provided on the registration certificate are falsified or if the owner/breeder of a goat has failed to pay within 60 days any due registration fee/membership fee the breeders membership will be cancelled.

Association Definitions:

‘Association’ shall mean Boer Goat Australia or ‘BGA’.

‘Breeder’ means the owner of a goat at the time of conception.

‘Sire’ means the genetic father of the kid/kids.

‘Dam’ means the genetic mother of the kid/kids.

‘Embryo’ means the fertilised egg of a goat.

‘Fullblood’ means a goat with 100% Boer Goat genetics traceable back to South African Imported stock/embryos.

‘Graded Purebred’ (5th Cross or GP) means a goat with 97% Boer Goat genetics.

‘Graded Crossbreds’ upgrading terms will start at ‘G1’ to ‘G4’.

‘The Australian Red Boer Goat’ is a goat that may contain genetics from Standard or Red Boer breeds, body colour must be red.

‘Imported’ means a live goat or embryo imported into Australia from an overseas origin.

‘Herd Register’ means the recorded information of all Boer Goats/Boer Crosses belonging to the association.

‘Registered’ is a goat whose genetic bloodlines have been recorded on the ‘BGBAA’ and/or’ ‘BGA’ database.

‘Registrar’ is the person who will operate the ‘BGA’ Goat register.

‘Regulation’ means a rule imposed by the association.


Breeders must be financial members of Boer Goat Australia before any goat registrations will be processed and approved.

Registration of offspring from goats registered with the BGBAA:

Registration of progeny sired by a non-owned Buck, will only be registered if the registration application is accompanied by the ‘BGA’s’ completed and signed ‘Certificate of Stud Service’ form or ‘Certificate of Lease’ form.

Within the Upgrade Register a G1 Doe is the resultant progeny of a genetically unknown Dam & a Fullblood Sire. At 5th. Cross both Doe’s and Bucks will be deemed by the ‘BGA’ to be at the highest level of Purebred.

Boer Goat Australia breed codes recorded on registration certificates will be as follows:

Standard Fullblood Boer = F

Red Fullblood Boer = R

Upgrade registrations will be recorded as G1, G2, G3, G4, and GP (Graded Purebred)

Goats registered with the BGBAA and now owned and transferred to a financial member of Boer Goat Australia is not required to re-register with Boer Goat Australia, although this would be the preferred option.

Please note there will be a fee of $8.80 per registration to upload the genetic history, if the genetic details are not already on file, no fee will be required if the genetic history is recorded on the BGA database.



Doe Registration

$14.00 each 

Buck Registrations

$22.00 each 

Uploading of pedigree to database

Case by case basis

Transfer of Registration

$11 each 

Stud Name:

A new member must submit 3 choices for Stud name containing no more than 20 digits in each choice, the first choice will be approved, if it has not already been allocated & is not considered too close in name to another breeder, otherwise the Registrar will have the right to choose from the second or third submitted prefixes.

Stud Prefix:

– A member must submit 3 choices for a herd code prefix, each choice to contain either 2 or 3 digits only, the first choice will be given if it is not already allocated to another registered breeder, otherwise the Registrar will have the right to choose from the second or third submitted stud prefixes.

If all 3 choices have already been recorded under another member’s name or in the name of a member of the BGBAA, then BGA has the option to choose one of those codes and insert the area code for Australia ‘6’ in front of that code to be recorded as the members stud prefix herd code – i.e., 6AB – Max 3 digits.

Goat Name:

– A member may select a name containing no more than 20 letters for the registered name of the goat, the Registrar has the rights to decline a name if it is deemed inappropriate.

Identification Number:

– All goats registered with Boer Goat Australia must be permanently identified with the unique number allocated to that goat by this association, in one of the 4 following ways and at all times must abide by the NLIS requirements set in each state:

Ear Tags (Single tag only)

– If a single ear tag is used it must be NLIS State compliant, meaning it must have printed on it the breeders P.I.C. number, together with the goats registered I.D. (herd number), either on the top button or on the pin button, the breeder must also state their Stud Prefix, Year of birth code (optional) and symbol of genetic grade. i.e., F = Fullblood etc.

Important Note: In Victoria it is now mandatory for all breeders to use NLIS Electronic Ear Tags on their goats.

Ear Tags (Double Ear tags)

– 1 ear tag must be NLIS compliant, it must have printed on it the breeders P.I.C. number together with the animals I.D. number (herd number), the other a breeder tag must contain the breeders Stud Prefix, Year of birth code and symbol of genetic grade. i.e., F = Fullblood etc.


– Microchips are not an approved form of identification for goats in Australia.


This format is Optional (not compulsory) – One ear to have tattooed the Stud Prefix, Year of birth code and symbol of genetic grade, the other ear to have the animals registered I.D. number, the goat must also have in one ear an NLIS State compliant Ear Tag printed with the breeders P.I.C. number, which can also have printed the goats herd I.D. number.

De-registration of an Animal:

When an owner applies for de-registration of a goat in writing as from a specific date, reason to be stated for recording purposes.

A de-registered goat can be re-registered if a request is made in writing, a fee of $8.80 to re-instate will apply.

Transfer of Registration:

Transfer Fee = $11

All goats transferred to ‘BGA’ from the BGBAA or other accepted Boer Goat Association’ will be required to attach a scanned copy of their original registration certificate into the database animal registration request - this will be sent for approval before the animal is accepted onto your online Herdbook.

Members must complete the goats transfer to its new owner within a reasonable time period, this association recommends within 30 days, a complaint made against a member for exceeding this recommendation will be dealt with by the associations administrator/s and a penalty payment may be enforced.

A Doe with not yet registered kid/s at foot – the Doe will be required to be transferred into the new owner’s name, the kid(s) can be registered in the new owner’s name without the requirement of a transfer. The breeder will be recorded as the Stud where the kid/s were conceived.

A pregnant Doe registration will require a BGA ‘Certificate of Stud Service’ form to accompany the registration of any offspring of the Doe.

Breed Standards:

Fullblood Standard Boer:

– The BGA have accepted the South African Boer Goat Association Breed Standards with some minor alterations to suit the Australian Boer Goat.

Red Boer:

– Breed standards recognised will be the same as the Standard Boer, with the exception being colour, a full red body is the preferred, with allowance for white colouring similar to the allowance of excess Red areas on Standards. Goats registered as Fullblood Red Boer must be the progeny of Fullblood Standard Boers or Fullblood Red Boers/Kalahari/Australian Reds to be classified as a Fullblood Red Boer.

In Australia Blacks are registered under the Red Registry. In South Africa they are called "Blackberry's"

The Painted Boer:

– Breed standards are the same as for the Fullblood Standard Boer with the exception being the colour. Fullblood Painted Boers can be registered under the Standard Or Red Register depending on owner preference based on “main” colour or based on parentage. Any colour is acceptable from pale brown “Blonde” through to all shades of red and brown or black.

Kalahari Red Goat:

– Now registered together, under the Red Boer Register. Breed standard shall be the same as the Standard Boer with the obvious exception being colour, the ideal is a brown goat with colour shadings that ranges between light brown to dark brown.

The Australian Red Boer Goat:

– Now Registered together under the Red Boer Register. Breeds standards recognised will be the same as the Kalahari/Red Boer Standards and may contain bloodlines of these breeds including the Standard Boer.

Upgrade Registrations:

The Upgrade registry will include 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Crosses then Graded Purebred on 5th. cross. Upgrading can only be granted when the sire is a Fullblood Boer This includes goats registered under Standard or Red/Kalahari/Australian Red Boer Goat.

Leased Animals:

If the Lessee is not the recorded owner, then a written/typed and signed letter must accompany the registration of any offspring, stating all the relevant Leased goat’s registration details.

Artificial Insemination (A.I):

Where a goat is the result of an A.I. from fresh or frozen semen, the registration application must be accompanied by a letter stating the date of A.I. and must be signed by the owner of the semen.

Embryo Transfer (ET):

Where the goat is the result of an Embryo Transfer the registration application must be accompanied by a copy of the Vet/Technicians certificate detailing date of ET, Dam and owner of Dam and Donor Sire.

Purchased Embryo(s):

Where the goat is a result of an ET and the Embryo was purchased, the registration application must be accompanied by a letter from the owner/seller of the Embryo(s) signed with details of date of sale, together with a copy of the Vet/Technicians certificate detailing date of implant, name of Sire and Dam of Embryo.

Voting rights of Members:

All members will have equal voting rights, these will be noted by either an online submission or via email, after counting the majority vote will rule. International Members do not have voting rights.


Reimbursement of Expenses will be paid to all Boer Goat Australia administrators for items directly related to the running costs of Boer Goat Australia.