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Boer Goat Australia membership is open to all, whether you are a serious breeder or hobbyist. We maintain a national register of Standard Boers & Red Boers. Black Boers & Paints can also be registered under Standard or Red & then selecting a colour option in the registration template.

BGA are also passionate about supporting the Commercial industry & offer members registration of Upgrade Boers, using Full Blood Bucks in a separate registry. We can also maintain registrations for International Members who have purchased Fullblood Genetics from Australia.

We will endeavour to provide our members with up to date information that will improve the standards of breeding, health and welfare of their goats, we want our members to have a more rewarding and profitable future in the Boer Goat Industry. We encourage all members to join our very active & helpful Facebook Page, where you can see educational posts, ask questions & post pictures & stories about your goats.

Our members will be encouraged to help promote the Boer breeds by attending and displaying at Open Field Days, Agricultural Shows, Farm Expo’s etc.  BGA is happy to assist with funding for these activities that promote the breeds and  benefit our members.

Our associations Board of Directors & Committee Members are dedicated to all members, small and large, stud or commercial.

We hope our members will contribute to make this association one we can all be proud of, so please consider joining and let the future be a prosperous one for all.

Boer Goat Australia will accept transfer of BGBAA registrations for Full Bloods that trace back to South African heritage.
A minimum fee will be charged to upload the genetic history of any new registrations not currently recorded on our database. This is an administration fee only.
Please visit Membership/Registration Rules and Regulations for all current BGA fee’s and charges.

We would love to welcome you as one of our valued members.

Regards BGA Directors & Committee

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Varieties of Boer Goat

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