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Boer Goat Australia membership is open to all, whether you are a serious breeder or hobbyist, we maintain a national register of Standard Boers, Red Boers, Kalahari’s and Australia’s only register of ‘THE PAINTED BOER GOAT’ and ‘THE AUSTRALIAN RED BOER’, we encourage the further development of these breeds, we will offer assistance to all breeders, Commercial and Stud to help promote and market their goats and goat meat products.

We will endeavor to provide our members with up to date information that will improve the standards of breeding, health and welfare of their goats, we want our members to have a more rewarding and profitable future in the Boer Goat Industry.

Our members will be encouraged to participate in the running of this association, by representing our association at Open Field Days, Agricultural Shows, Farm Expo’s etc., our association funds will be used to fund these activities, benefit members and promote our various breeds. Our association does not have a Board of Directors, just Administrators who are dedicated to all members, small and large, stud or commercial, we will not favour one sector over another, all are equal.

We hope our members will contribute to make this association one we can all be proud of, so please consider joining as one of our members and let the future be a more harmonious and prosperous one for all.

PLEASE NOTE: Breeders who join our association as full members and have goats that are currently registered with the BGBAA under either of our breed registries, do not need to re-register these goats with Boer Goat Australia, but we do ask that you submit to the Registrar within 14 days of your membership acceptance a full list of your BGBAA registered goats for inclusion on our database.

This association is fully transparent in all it’s dealings and therefore we feel it our duty to advise breeders that the BGBAA will not accept the transfer of goats registered with this association.

The association will maintain 3 separate Red breed registries, they are as follows: THE RED BOER, THE KALAHARI RED and THE AUSTRALIAN RED BOER GOAT (a composite breed that may contain the Kalahari/Red Boer/Standard Boer genetics), please read the breed standards for full details.

We hope we can welcome you as one of our valued members: Administrators – Maureen Dean and Audrey Diffin.